Vacuum Excavation Brisbane

All Pumped Up vacuum excavation Brisbane is a local family business

OUR BEST PRICE GUARANTEE ensures the absolute best value for money for any size job. From the biggest commercial to the smallest domestic job.

All Pumped Up specialises in non-destructive digging and service locating. We are committed to safety and environmental standards and requirements while offering friendly and reliable service at a fair price.

All Pumped Up Vacuum Excavation Brisbane is a leader in the supply of non-destructive excavation services in South East Queensland. Vacuum Excavation which is sometimes referred to as Hydro Excavation, is one of the safest methods of excavation which was developed to allow the excavation or exposure of a of range structures and infrastructure with minimal impact on the environment and without affecting its integrity or the safety of the personnel surrounding it,  – our number one priority is safety in every aspect of all projects.

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Here at All Pumped Up Vacuum Excavation Brisbane we have versatile self-contained units which utilise a powerful vacuum system in combination with regulated high pressure water lance fitted with a special turbo nozzle, which uses water to loosen earth and create a wet spoil, while leaving underground assets undisturbed. The vacuum hose is placed over the position to be excavated and the spoil is simultaneously vacuumed up through the vacuum hose, and deposited directly into a holding tank on the vacuum unit, leaving the excavation area clean. Vacuum excavation enables precise and accurate digging as the operator can utilise the high pressure water lance and vacuum hose to cut and shape the excavation site to suit the most delicate of requirements, ensuring minimal risk to any service or asset.

Why All Pumped Up Vacuum Excavation?

• We utilise a clean method of excavation that is environmentally friendly, non-invasive and non-destructive.
• Eliminates putting lives and assets at risk when excavating.
• Able to access areas of confined space or restricted access.
• Execute precision excavation to create precise trenches or holes.
• Professional, reputable company.
• Quick, safe and accurate, decreasing overall costs and turnaround time.

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